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Dom continued pumping both his hands, his grip tightened around his erection, as his other moved faster and faster in her wet core. “Your close, aren’t you, baby.” He whispered through gritted teeth.
“Yes, sir.” She panted.
“I want you to watch me as I come all over you, darling.”
Opening her eyes as he shifted over her, twisting his wrist, hitting that magic spot deep inside of her as his fist pumped. His hips jerked forward and moaned out as his release shot out and landed over her lower stomach. Her walls clamped down on his fingers, wanting that release herself.
“Come now, Chantal.” Dom growled at her.
Screaming with the force of her release, her spine arched off the bed feeling like it was about to break in two. Her thighs squeezed his hand between them, but he was still moving his fingers inside of her, extending her orgasm.
“Oh my god.” She said between breaths.
Dom slid to the floor, and lightly kissed up her inner thigh and licked ever so slowly over her opening to her clit. She jolted from the contact. “The sweetest nectar.” He mumbled against her.
Dom crawled up her body, trailing kisses with him until he reached her mouth. Sliding his tongue over her lips, tasting herself on him, and closed her mouth over it. His semi erect cock laid over her thigh, and felt it twitch. Grinning to herself, moving her hand down her body and was about to wrap her hand around him, he was off her in a flash.
Dom stood at the end of the bed, pulling up his jeans. Frowning leaning up on her elbows, “That’s it?”
“That’s all you get for today.” Dom replied, and moved into her ensuite. Looking at his back as he closed the door, you have got to be kidding me, really?
Glancing down at the vibrator that was sitting in between her legs, contemplating weather to grab it or not, she never got the chance to grab it, as it was removed from her bed and taken away.
How did he get back in here so quickly? Glaring at Dom across the room, “And who is going to stop me from doing what I want?”
Dom leant down over her, hand on each side of her face, lightly stroking his thumb along her cheek, “I will, Chantal. If you get yourself off, I will know, and you will be punished for it.” He told her with a stern voice.
“What would the punishment be?”
“Could be many things, Chantal, and depending on my mood at the time. Are you going to go through with it?”
Shaking her no at him, Ok, maybe she needed to rethink that thought. Straightening, holding out his hand to her, she slid off the bed and stood right in front of him, pulling her flush against him, “Every single one of your orgasms belong to me, no one else. Now, since you have things to do today, so do I. Go have a shower and I will drop you off.” He said as he turned her around and slapped her bare ass, hissing in a breath, she spun around and faced him. Raising his eyebrow at her, waiting for the smart ass remark to come out, but swallowed it down. Well two could play that game, she thought.

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Nate pulled away from her, panting heavy, leaving her kneeling on the floor. “Nate?” She whispered. She didn’t know if she did something wrong. Sitting back on her feet, hands in her lap, and face down, she could feel the tears building in her eyes.
“No,no,no.” Nate said as he knelt in front of her. “I don’t want you to make me come like that, baby. I want to be deep inside of you when I do.” He said, as he stood up.
Helping her to her feet, he walked her backwards toward the bed and gently laid her down. Standing back and had a good look.
Skylar blushed, raising her hands to cover herself up, not feeling confident about her body; he quickly grabbed them to stop her.
“Don’t even think about it, Skylar. You have nothing to hide. Your body is fucking amazing, and even more so that your carry my child.” He leant down and lightly kissed over her belly, butterfly kisses all over. His hand rested on top as his kissed around it. When he arrived on the other side, at that moment the baby kicked, right under his hand. Nate head shot up, looking down where his hand was then back to her face.
Smiling down at him, she placed her hand a top his, as their child kicked again. Having him here with her feeling their child kick was a blessing.
“Does this happen all the time?” He whispered to her.
Nodding, “Yeah, pretty much. But mostly at night, the baby is telling me it’s hungry.” She laughed.
Nate moved back from her kneeling, ready to get up. “I’ll go and make you something to eat.”
Skylar’s arm shot out stopping him. Sliding her hand down to his exposed cock and gripped it, causing him to groan out.
“I want this more.” She whispered.
Wrapping his hand around hers, gliding their hands up and down over him, “Are you sure?”
“Please. I can’t take it anymore. I need you inside of me.”
Nate laid her down and was back to where he was, kissing over her belly, “I need to taste you before I make love you, baby.”
As he said that, his mouth was on her, sucking, licking, nibbling her clit. Her body arched up, sending her nerves on high alert. Gripping the sheet with her hands, and her knees with his head. Pumping her hips up and down as his tongue dove into her core, clenching, like her life depended on it.
“Please, Nate.” She moaned.
Growling, tightening his grip on her thighs, pulling her sensitive bud, into his mouth and sucked hard. The stars explored behind her eyes as she came, yelling his name as she felt her juices running from her.
“God, Sky. Your taste is heaven.” He mumbled, as he licked up every last drop.
Pushing down his jeans, and climbed up over her, rubbing his cock against her pussy. Crushing his mouth to hers, she gripped his head and their tongues entwined, tasting herself on him. Sucking on his tongue the way she would his hardness, nipping at him.
Pulling his head away, “I don’t want to hurt you or the baby, doing this, Sky.”
“You won’t Nate. It’s normal to have sex this far through the pregnancy, please trust me.” She whispered back.
Rolling onto her side and lifted her leg up and onto his shoulder, pulling him closer to her. She reached down and guiding him to her opening, “This will be more comfortable this way, and won’t hurt me or the baby.” She told him.
Nodding towards her, he held onto her leg, that was on his shoulder and slowly, very slowly, slid into her inch by agonizing inch. Once he was fully inside of her, he sat there not moving.
“Jesus, baby, you tight this way.” He groaned.
Whimpering, “You need to move, Nate.” She moaned.
Let go of her leg and held onto her hips, pulling out till just the head of him was inside of her, and pushed back in, all the way.
He did this several times, but she needed more.
“Please, I can’t handle slow right now; it has to be……”
That is all she got out as he pulled back and slammed forward, hard.
“Is this how you want it?” He said as he did it again.
“Yes.” She screamed.
His fingers dug into her hips as he pumped faster and faster into her. Her fists bunched the sheets as she screamed; she should have tried this position earlier with him. Grinding her hips as he was doing the same to her, reaching up and pinched his nipple.
Pulling his hand from her hip and slid one of his fingers into her mouth, sucking it just as her core was to his cock. Growling, he hammered into her with such verocity, that she thought she would end up through the bed head.
“I’m not going to last much long if you keep that up and the way your pussy is choking me, I think I’m going to die with the feel of it.”
She couldn’t reply as he shoved another finger in her mouth, forcing her to suck them. She did. As fast as he was pumping into her the faster she sucked.
“Damn, Sky.” He groaned, again.
Shifting his hand down to her clit and pinched, “I need you to come, Sky. I can’t hold off to much longer.” He growled.
She could feel him thickening inside of her, gripping him as hard she could, and let go, her world around her shattered at the force of her orgasm. Screaming, it went on for eternity, her whole body shaking from the impact.
Nate groaned as he shot forward and held himself as deep as he could, as he shot his load into her.
Gasping for air, as Nate’s body fell on top of her, breathing heavy. She welcomed the heaviness of his body, she wanted to wrap her arms around him, but thought twice at it, as he would think that this, them spending their time together like this would mean they were getting back together, which they weren’t. This between them was scratching an itch, that’s all.

TEASER TIME. Thank you for all the likes. Remember this could stay the way it is, or change

. Enjoy.

“I would rather stay in. I kinda hurt my ankle today, so I wanted to keep the pressure off it.”
Sitting down near her foot, and placed it in his lap and rubbed it lightly.
“Well we can do that.” Smiling down at her. Running his hand up her leg to her thigh and lingered there. He was so close to where she wanted him. Leaning over her, “Do you trust me, baby?” He whispered against her lips, Nodding was the only thing she could do, as he leaned further over her and pulled out her satin blindfold.
Laying her further down on the bed, he leans over and whispers in her ear, “Your wildest dreams.” What did he mean by that! He didn’t know her wildest dreams! She felt as the satin blindfold slid over her head, resting over her eyes. He moved further up the bed and tied her hands together against the headboard with the rope from her silk gown.
When he was finished, she heard a rustling noise, knowing exactly what is was, she felt her nipples harden and her clit swell. Panting now, he guides an ice cube over her stomach and down to her pussy, making her gasp at the contact. Sliding his hand lower between her legs, she felt him lean over and start to lick her.
Chantal’s feet started to curl, her body shaking. Chantal could feel how slick she was, God she wanted to touch him. Then he stopped all contact. After what seemed like an eternity in her dark room, he comes back at her again, but this time she feels the tip of his cock on her nipples as he straddles her on her stomach. She could feel the heat from his body being this close to hers. As his cock nudged her chin, “Open,” he asked.
Obeying his wish, she opened her mouth as he glided it around her mouth. She moaned at the taste of him. But that is as far as he goes. Frustrated, “Tease,” Chantal groans.
She tried to move close to him, but he pressed harder against her, and then he gently grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. Finally. Swirling her tongue around the head of him, she heard him groan, making her wetter than she had even been before. Loving the sound that came from him, Chantal started moving her mouth over him as much as she could. Her clit swelled further and she could feel the tingles going through her whole body.
Chantal wanted to scream at him to put it in her in pussy, but I want this to be perfect! The only thing she could do was groan as he pushes his hard cock deeper in her throat.
Jesus she was on fire, she needed to touch herself, something, anything. She was so close to coming without being touched. The suspense was killing her. Chantal’s body started writhing, squirming under his body. She needed to touch him, bad.
Moving all of a sudden removing his hardness from her mouth and slowly works his way down her body. Sliding off completely, he reaches towards where I want him most and starts kissing and licking. Asking myself is this? It is. This is the moment….. Chantal was ready to explode. Then he just stops. Just like that. She wanted to scream. “Please.” She whispered. She felt the moment when he got off the bed. What was he doing now? She had never ever been this turned on in her life.
Everything is so quiet in the room, and then Chantal hears the ice bucket again. Leaning over her, starting at her nipples, rolling the ice cube around them. Then ever so slowly he traces a line with his mouth down her stomach. Once he reaches her core, parts her lips and she feels him slide between her legs, entering her slowly with his hard cock. He drives deeper inside her, cupping her ass with his hand and really starts thrusting, letting out a moan at what he was doing to her. She needed more, but didn’t know what.
It was like he knew what she needed. Sliding his hand up behind her knee and drapes it over his shoulder. Wiggling them both up the bed, he starts hammering harder into her.
It felt like her head was going to explode, “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” She screamed.
Then he stops, “I need to take a piss.”
What? Damn!! Fuck!!! She was so close, right there on the verge. “Please.” She moaned. But got nothing from him as she heard him open the door and goes to the toilet… Within seconds he is back and quickly slides back into position, and immediately starts slamming into me.
“Fuck, Jesus Christ,” She hisses. This is what I asked for! She heard him quietly giggle.
“Harder, faster, deeper… Fuck you feel good.” She screams.
He does as she asked, and she feels herself coming over and over again….. Then it hits her, a cramp. “Shit, that hurts.” Her body is telling her to stop, but her pussy has a mind of its own, saying keep it coming… In the end her body wins out. He stops, “What’s wrong.” She could hear the concern in his voice.
“Cramp.” She groaned around the pain. He rest his body over hers, rubbing her aching leg with his hand. She felt a drop of sweat dripping from his body onto her chest. Then out of nowhere, “Open your mouth.” He removes himself from her and off the bed completely. Lying on the bed with her mouth wide open, what the hell is going on? Then something enters her mouth. Sucking a little on the object, and realizing it was a lollypop.
“Suck it.” He growls. Doing as she was told, she licks and sucks the shit out of the pop the best way she knew how. She found it interesting that she had never seen this side of him, but it really excited her.
“That’s enough.” He told her and removes it from her mouth. Chantal feels him move and places it inside her pussy, swirling it around. Removing it from inside her, he then pushes it inside her mouth.
“Now it’s time for the real fun,” He tells her as he removes the blindfold and the lollypop.

This my stay as it is or change!

“Why would you scare her off, Dom. What the fuck are you into that would do that to her?”
“It’s not what I’m into, it’s who I am.”
“And that would be what?” What was he into that would do that to her?
“I’m way to dominant for her.”
“Aren’t we all. They can never handle all that from us in one hit.” He laughed.
Sitting down, with his hands in his face, “No. I’m am a Dominant. And a rough one at that. Every time I am around her, I have to hold myself back. It’s getting harder and harder to just sit back and not carry her off with what I need to do to her. The smart ass remarks that come out of her mouth, the way she pushed my buttons, the way she moves seductively makes me want to flog the shit out of her. Or tie her to the post in the basement and whip her. Every time she say anything or simply walks past me, she’s doing it on purpose to get on my nerves, or she has absolutely no clue as to what she is doing. I’m just barely holding myself back from her.”
“Damn, Bro. I had no idea.” He sat beside him.

TEASER time from book 2 'Sweet Surrender' hope u enjoy

“If I get you in there, what do I get, Dom?”

He had some kind of feeling that she wanted him, any other day he would take her up here and now, but he couldn’t, not right this minute.
“What do you want?” He replied, with a grin.

Watching as her breathing speed up, she pulled on her blouse and fluffed it to cool herself down, drawing his eyes to her chest.

“I want one night with you. No catches, just you.” She whispered to him.

He could do that. Moving around the desk he stood in front of her. Placing his hands on either side of her he leaned forward, making her lean against the desk. Running his nose lightly up her neck and he began to nibble. The little noise she made in the back of her throat was nearly his undoing, but he controlled himself. Once he was close to her ear, he whispered, “Would you be able to handle me, darling?” He groaned.

Moaning at his words, she could feel him pressing himself against her and feel the evidence of what she had heard so much about behind those jeans. Grabbing his ass, she pulled him into her and wrapped her legs around him. She didn’t care that she was in this position on her work desk; it wasn’t like people randomly walked in. The only people allowed through the doors were appointments only, that’s it.

Dom moved his hand down her body, slowly pulling up her skirt. The contact of his skin on hers was unbelievable. Shifting her body so that his fit perfectly between her legs, she couldn’t help the moan that she released. Gripping his shirt, she could feel the hard muscles under it and wanted to rip the shirt off of him and see what all the talk was about. She heard so much about him in the bedroom, but wanted to see what the fuss was about, with him shirtless. Undoing the buttons slowly on his shirt, she only got about halfway, when her hands were placed above her head, making her push out her chest, right in front of his face. She wanted his mouth on her, anywhere; she didn’t care where she just needed it.

Dom moved his hips against her, making the sweetest noise escape.

“Answer my question.” He said. Watching as she focused on him.

“Yes. I can handle anything you give me, Dom. You can do anything you want to me, please.” She was the sweetest thing but knew in his soul that there was no way she could handle him, not all of him anyways. Before he had a chance to say anything else, the door opened to the main office, and out walked the client.

“I would take you on the ride of your life, but I really don’t think you could handle what I would have in store for you.” Standing up, he fixed up his shirt and helped her off the desk, and moved away towards the office. He took a quick glance back at Rachel and saw the pout on her face; he couldn't help the grin on his face at seeing that. Every girl thought they had a chance with him, and that they could take whatever he gave them, but he knew they never could. There was only so many that could. Walking into the office, he sat and waited for Lee-Anne to come back.
Sweet Surrender, book 2 in Sweet Series

5 Years Ago

Chantal drove towards her parents’ house, contemplating how she was going to tell them about her new job. She was sick and tired of just making them happy. She was finally doing it for herself and not them. She hated being the only child, but it had its ups and downs. She received everything she wanted when she was younger, but she wanted to learn for herself, now. She had been living in her own place for the last 6 years. Saving the money she worked hard for from her old job as a secretary, but she hated that job and wanted something new. She only went into it, as her father had found the job for her. She couldn’t tell her father that she quit and started a new one, especially to something that he wouldn’t approve of.

She was going to meet up with Ruth, from the real estate about a property she was looking at, down the main street. It was the perfect spot, a cute little shop that would be perfect for what she wanted to do with it. How the hell was she going to explain to her father that she was going to open up her own shop? He’d be angry, of course, but the worst will be when she tells them what kind. She hadn’t told anyone what she was doing, not even her best friend Skylar, who she missed dearly. If she was with her now, it would be so much easier for her to tell them.

Watching as the cars around her speed by, getting closer to the hell that would hit the roof, she considered telling them something different, but knowing her father, he would find out eventually that she wasn’t working at his best friend’s firm. She never wanted to be there, but only did it to make him happy. But not anymore, it was time for her to stand on her own two feet and do what she wanted to do for a living.

Maybe she should just call them, and say that she was busy doing something other than driving to their place. But she knew that wouldn’t work, as her father or mother would drive to her place, even worse her old workplace.

Changing lanes to pass the car in front, as she passed, a loud bang erupted from the side of the car, unknowing if it was hers or the car beside her. Screaming, she gripped the steering wheel harder and felt it shake in her hands. Unsure as to why it was, she merged off the lane onto the shoulder and pulled to a stop. She didn’t need this now, of all the days for this to happen, it wasn’t today.

Sliding out of her Ford, she walked around to where she heard the noise from. She noticed straight away that her back tire was flat. “Damn it.” She groaned. Looking around her surroundings, she was nowhere near the closest gas station. She wasn’t going to hail down someone to help her; she was brought up better than that. Walking back, she reached for her purse and pulled out her mobile. Bringing up her father’s number, as she hit dial, it cut out, due to no service, great. This was the wrong day for this, she had to meet the agent later that afternoon, to check out the shop, it was the only day left if she was still interested in buying it. Ruth had told her they had several people that wanted to purchase the shop, but was holding it for her.

Chantal held her phone in the air, trying to get any kind of service. Walking back and forth near her car, she really didn’t want to be stuck here, with no way to contact anyone, let alone try and convince someone to help her. Sliding down the side of her car, she needed to think of what to do, since she could get any reception. Leaning her head against her knees, although hard to do, in the skirt she was wearing, but she was facing away from traffic, which was a good thing. She didn’t want to cause an accident, at the view that she would be showing.

After God knows how long she sat there, with still no service, she was ready to stop one of the drivers that sped past her. Not one of them even stopped to offer any help. She was on the verge of screaming out in frustration, when a rumbling of a bike caught her attention. Where the hell was the bike? Looking under her car towards the highway, she saw two wheels on the opposite side, parked. Lowering her body to the ground, after looking further around, she couldn’t see anyone that was with it. A dark shadow fell over her body, and she stiffened.

“Miss, are you alright?”

Oh my God. That voice was sexy as sin. Breathing slowly, please be at least good looking, she thought. Sitting up, as graceful as she could, but it never happened; her skirt pulled higher up her thighs and she felt the stare of the stranger following the rise of it. Blushing, she gripped onto the car door, ready to lift herself up.

“Let me help you up.” The stranger offered.

Raising her hand to him, she was pulled up ever so gently, against his chest. Where did this guy come from? Moving back a little to see what he looked like, Chantal lost her breath at what she did see.

Black hair, light blue eyes the color of the ocean, tanned to perfection from what she could see from his face and arms. He was wearing a pair of jeans that looked sinful on him, a black t-shirt which emphasized his chest and arms. And those boots were huge on his feet. He had the cutest dimple on his left cheek, and she could just make out a light dusting of freckles across his nose. Damn, this guy was fine, where in the world had he been hiding? Shaking all the thoughts of what she wanted to do to this specimen of a man, she moved out of his reach. Brushing her skirt down, she felt a little uncomfortable that she was close to showing what she had on underneath. Looking back at him, she blushed as he watched her straighten her skirt.

Rubbing the back of his neck, he looked over at her car, “Are you having car troubles?” He asked.

“Yeah, my tire blew out, I was trying to get service on my phone and call for a tow truck, but I don’t have any service.” She replied.

“Do you have a spare? I can change it for you so you can get on your way. If you waited for a tow truck you might be here for a while.”

“I don’t want to inconvenience you, I’m sure they won’t take that long.” She whispered.

His phone started ringing; watching as he lifted it up, shaking his head, he placed it back in his pocket.

“It’s no inconvenience at all, darling. My name is Dominic Grayson. I’m here to service you anyway I can.” He said with a smile on his face.

Why did he have to go and say just that? She could think of many ways that he could service her, but nothing to do with the car. Lifting her hand out to him, “I’m Chantal Winters.” She said.

Checking her out from her feet, he lingered his gaze on her body then proceeded to look in her eyes, and grinned, “Well, nice to meet you Chantal, such a pretty name for a gorgeous girl.”

Blushing further, and wrapping her arms around herself, she tried to hide her nipples that had hardened against her top, which was very noticeable. That voice of his sent her a wave of pleasure through her, straight to her core.

Moving closer to her, “Do you have a spare in the boot?”

Unsure that she could reply the right answer in a normal voice, she nodded instead. She watched as Dominic walked over and popped the boot, lifted out her spare tire and jack. Walking over to the side of the car with the tire, he dumped the spare beside the flat one. Kneeling down, he jacked the back end up, and started to loosen the bolts.

He made it look so simple, but she had never in her life changed a tire, let alone anything else to do with her Ford. Leaning against the side, watching the movement of the muscles in his arms work, was sexy as hell. She could stand there all day and watch that view.

“You will have to get a new tire when you get that one fixed.” He said pointing to the one on the ground. “This one is bald, how far do you have to go?”

Glancing towards the road, she whispered “Umm, about 15 klms on the highway, then 4 klms in.”

“You’re heading to Greens View?” He asked.

“Yes, to my parents’ house. Then I need to go over to Glacier.”

“I don’t think you will be able to make it to Glacier on that tire, especially with the cops around.”

“I’ll get a new one before I head over there, but I need to be at my parents’ house soon.” She replied.

“I’ll have it changed for you in no time.” He said with a smile.

Chantal watched as he ripped the old one off and replaced it with the spare, in under five minutes. If she had attempted that, it would have taken her all day to do the exact same job. Placing the old tire and jack in her boot and closing it, he moved toward her wiping his hands on his shirt, giving her a glimpse of what was under that shirt. She could just make out his six packs and he was as tanned there as he was on his face and arms. Damn, it really was getting hot out here, fanning herself against the flush she got viewing his body. He was definitely a walking wet dream.

Dominic lifted his hand to her face and lightly touched her cheek, making her suck in a breath at the contact. “You feeling alright?”

“I’m fine.” Jesus. There was no way she was going to tell him that she got a hot flush just by looking at him. Moving aside, “Thank you for changing it. You really didn’t have to, Dominic.”

“Call me Dom. I do that for a living. I’m a mechanic at my friend’s workshop ten minutes from here.”

Wonder if he fixes all those cars shirtless. Maybe she should pull out a wire, or something just to see if he does, she thought grinning to herself.

Dom pulled out his business card, “If you even need anything to do with your car, give me a call, and we can arrange it.” Reaching for the card he was offering, Chantal slowly pulled her hand away. Dominic reached for her hand and brought it to his mouth and lightly kissed it.

“Thank you.” She panted.

“It was my pleasure, Chantal.” He answered seductively.

What was with this guy? He was a walking, talking sex God.

Dominic walked over, lifted his helmet over his head and started his bike, flicking the stand up, he saluted her, and gunned it up the highway.

Sex on legs and a bloody motorbike. What more could a girl want. If she ever dated someone like him, her parents wouldn’t approve of him, but she didn’t care. She wanted to be with someone that made her happy, not her parents. She jumped back in her car, and pulled out, driving towards her parents’. She never believed in love at first sight, thought it was a load of crap, until she met Dominic. The butterflies in her stomach were one sign, her heartbeat accelerated when he was near; even his voice did that too. Taking the turn off to Greens View, she had never been in love, but she had a feeling this is what it would be like. This was the day that she fell in love with Dominic.