Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Nate pulled away from her, panting heavy, leaving her kneeling on the floor. “Nate?” She whispered. She didn’t know if she did something wrong. Sitting back on her feet, hands in her lap, and face down, she could feel the tears building in her eyes.
“No,no,no.” Nate said as he knelt in front of her. “I don’t want you to make me come like that, baby. I want to be deep inside of you when I do.” He said, as he stood up.
Helping her to her feet, he walked her backwards toward the bed and gently laid her down. Standing back and had a good look.
Skylar blushed, raising her hands to cover herself up, not feeling confident about her body; he quickly grabbed them to stop her.
“Don’t even think about it, Skylar. You have nothing to hide. Your body is fucking amazing, and even more so that your carry my child.” He leant down and lightly kissed over her belly, butterfly kisses all over. His hand rested on top as his kissed around it. When he arrived on the other side, at that moment the baby kicked, right under his hand. Nate head shot up, looking down where his hand was then back to her face.
Smiling down at him, she placed her hand a top his, as their child kicked again. Having him here with her feeling their child kick was a blessing.
“Does this happen all the time?” He whispered to her.
Nodding, “Yeah, pretty much. But mostly at night, the baby is telling me it’s hungry.” She laughed.
Nate moved back from her kneeling, ready to get up. “I’ll go and make you something to eat.”
Skylar’s arm shot out stopping him. Sliding her hand down to his exposed cock and gripped it, causing him to groan out.
“I want this more.” She whispered.
Wrapping his hand around hers, gliding their hands up and down over him, “Are you sure?”
“Please. I can’t take it anymore. I need you inside of me.”
Nate laid her down and was back to where he was, kissing over her belly, “I need to taste you before I make love you, baby.”
As he said that, his mouth was on her, sucking, licking, nibbling her clit. Her body arched up, sending her nerves on high alert. Gripping the sheet with her hands, and her knees with his head. Pumping her hips up and down as his tongue dove into her core, clenching, like her life depended on it.
“Please, Nate.” She moaned.
Growling, tightening his grip on her thighs, pulling her sensitive bud, into his mouth and sucked hard. The stars explored behind her eyes as she came, yelling his name as she felt her juices running from her.
“God, Sky. Your taste is heaven.” He mumbled, as he licked up every last drop.
Pushing down his jeans, and climbed up over her, rubbing his cock against her pussy. Crushing his mouth to hers, she gripped his head and their tongues entwined, tasting herself on him. Sucking on his tongue the way she would his hardness, nipping at him.
Pulling his head away, “I don’t want to hurt you or the baby, doing this, Sky.”
“You won’t Nate. It’s normal to have sex this far through the pregnancy, please trust me.” She whispered back.
Rolling onto her side and lifted her leg up and onto his shoulder, pulling him closer to her. She reached down and guiding him to her opening, “This will be more comfortable this way, and won’t hurt me or the baby.” She told him.
Nodding towards her, he held onto her leg, that was on his shoulder and slowly, very slowly, slid into her inch by agonizing inch. Once he was fully inside of her, he sat there not moving.
“Jesus, baby, you tight this way.” He groaned.
Whimpering, “You need to move, Nate.” She moaned.
Let go of her leg and held onto her hips, pulling out till just the head of him was inside of her, and pushed back in, all the way.
He did this several times, but she needed more.
“Please, I can’t handle slow right now; it has to be……”
That is all she got out as he pulled back and slammed forward, hard.
“Is this how you want it?” He said as he did it again.
“Yes.” She screamed.
His fingers dug into her hips as he pumped faster and faster into her. Her fists bunched the sheets as she screamed; she should have tried this position earlier with him. Grinding her hips as he was doing the same to her, reaching up and pinched his nipple.
Pulling his hand from her hip and slid one of his fingers into her mouth, sucking it just as her core was to his cock. Growling, he hammered into her with such verocity, that she thought she would end up through the bed head.
“I’m not going to last much long if you keep that up and the way your pussy is choking me, I think I’m going to die with the feel of it.”
She couldn’t reply as he shoved another finger in her mouth, forcing her to suck them. She did. As fast as he was pumping into her the faster she sucked.
“Damn, Sky.” He groaned, again.
Shifting his hand down to her clit and pinched, “I need you to come, Sky. I can’t hold off to much longer.” He growled.
She could feel him thickening inside of her, gripping him as hard she could, and let go, her world around her shattered at the force of her orgasm. Screaming, it went on for eternity, her whole body shaking from the impact.
Nate groaned as he shot forward and held himself as deep as he could, as he shot his load into her.
Gasping for air, as Nate’s body fell on top of her, breathing heavy. She welcomed the heaviness of his body, she wanted to wrap her arms around him, but thought twice at it, as he would think that this, them spending their time together like this would mean they were getting back together, which they weren’t. This between them was scratching an itch, that’s all.