Tuesday, 14 May 2013

This my stay as it is or change!

“Why would you scare her off, Dom. What the fuck are you into that would do that to her?”
“It’s not what I’m into, it’s who I am.”
“And that would be what?” What was he into that would do that to her?
“I’m way to dominant for her.”
“Aren’t we all. They can never handle all that from us in one hit.” He laughed.
Sitting down, with his hands in his face, “No. I’m am a Dominant. And a rough one at that. Every time I am around her, I have to hold myself back. It’s getting harder and harder to just sit back and not carry her off with what I need to do to her. The smart ass remarks that come out of her mouth, the way she pushed my buttons, the way she moves seductively makes me want to flog the shit out of her. Or tie her to the post in the basement and whip her. Every time she say anything or simply walks past me, she’s doing it on purpose to get on my nerves, or she has absolutely no clue as to what she is doing. I’m just barely holding myself back from her.”
“Damn, Bro. I had no idea.” He sat beside him.